El Vínculo


El Vínculo

As a tribute to the union of the two Castiles and the winery of their grandparents, El Vínculo opened its doors in the heart of Campo de Criptana, a winery with which Familia Fernández Rivera set itself the objective of highlighting that wines of excellent quality could also be produced in La Mancha.

Among its particularities, El Vínculo was the first winery of Familia Fernández Rivera to produce white wines, and Alejairén is the most special label of the company, one of the most renowned and highly valued whites in the area. In addition to producing wines with tempranillo grapes, El Vínculo also works with the Airén grape variety, whose production in some cases comes from “Viñas del país” (Vineyards of the Region), or in other words, old and very exceptional pre-phylloxera vineyards that produce excellent grapes.

El Cocero was created as a tribute to the traditional landscape of Castile in order to offer an exclusive wine tourism experience at El Vínculo winery. Through El Cocero it is possible to enjoy exceptional limited production wines and discover historic treasures such as the centuries-old vines with which El Vínculo winery produces its iconic white wine Alejairén.

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