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Today, we at Familia Fernández Rivera want to give a heartfelt thank you.

We want to thank everyone who gets up when it is still dark out and everyone who goes to bed at the crack of dawn. Everyone who seeks out the truth, without fear of combating lies. Everyone who makes every effort to give their all in looking after us,
without letting general mistrust take its toll. Everyone who goes into the darkness unafraid of how they will step into the light. Everyone who ensures that society at large complies with the obligation to remain at home. Everyone who, regardless of
their personal circumstances, continues to do their best to provide us with good
We want to thank each and every one of you who look after us day after day. Health workers, police, military, firefighters, drivers, delivery people, cashiers, social services, veterinarians, spokespersons and many more…THANK YOU.
We at Familia Fernández Rivera want to do our bit, which is why we have donated medical supplies to associations and health centres in Castile-Leon as part of our unwavering commitment to the people who are suffering the ravages of the Covid-19 crisis. These are safety equipment that is commonly used in grape processing and winemaking procedures at the four wineries. They have already been put at the disposal of health centres, care homes and parishes scattered throughout Valladolid, Burgos and Salamanca.
Specifically, Familia Fernández Rivera has shown its commitment by donating more than 3,000 latex gloves to the Peñafiel Health Centre (Valladolid), as well as 1,000 gloves to the Santísima Trinidad care home located in the same town in Valladolid. This is in order for the staff caring for the elderly—who account for the majority of Covid-19 victims—as well as health workers to be kept protected as
much as possible.
Likewise, Familia Fernández Rivera has joined efforts with the ‘Los Pichas’ association, a music group from Valladolid, and—under the slogan #Yoteprotejo (‘I protect you’)—they have managed to raise more than €36,000, more than 20,000 latex gloves, 350 waterproof and breathable coveralls, as well as 11,000 face masks and 2,000 face shields for health workers.
It is worth pointing out that the winemaking group has doubled its annual donation to the Red Cross and it continues to support ASDECOBA, a community development association in Salamanca which helps work the land, among other activities, under the Manos Verdes (‘Green Hands’) project.