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Tinto Pesquera Reserva Especial 2010

Tinto Pesquera Reserva Especial 2010 is the fruit of tireless work carried out by our family for more than 35 years. This work has comprised careful tending of the vines, harvesting of the grapes, and the vinification and ageing of our wines. Uncork a bottle, decant the wine, and enjoy!

酒庄: Tinto Pesquera
品牌: Tinto Pesquera
酒精度: 15% vol
品种: 100% Tempranillo
色泽: Clean and brilliant in appearance with an attractive, garnet colour.
香气: A complex nose with heady notes of ripe black fruits and spice, together with sweet aromas of roasted coffee beans and vanilla.
口感: Full and fleshy with a medium to long length of flavour. Tertiary flavours come to the fore expressing the wine’s long stay in specially-selected oak barrels.
开瓶温度: 12ºC to 14ºC
饮用: This wine will offer optimal enjoyment as soon as it is bought. Decanting 30 minutes before serving is recommended.
搭配: Excellent with stews, red meats or matured cheeses.
Viñedo y Elaboración
Selected from vines within the boundaries of Pesquera de Duero, with a south-facing exposure at an altitude of over 800 metres.
地面: Poor, very pebbly soils over a clay subsoil.
气候: The 2010 growing season began with a characteristically cold Ribera del Duero winter. After normal early spring weather that enabled the vines to begin their budding around the usual dates, late spring frosts typical of the area hit the region’s vines. The effects of these mid-May frosts on the vines brought fears that the vintage would be seriously affected both in terms of quantity and quality. However, the vines coped well with the damage caused to the shoots, helped partly by the water reserves built up in the soils during winter and a part of the spring. Rain in June helped maintain good vine vegetation growth and favoured the new shoots that appeared after the frost. Throughout the rest of the summer, the region had high temperatures, which enabled the ripening process to take place on the usual dates. This process was homogeneous and gradual, thanks to optimal sunlight and temperatures at the end of summer and beginning of autumn, and with the region’s characteristic wide variation in day and night-time temperatures. The harvesting was done on the usual dates and without any adverse weather conditions that might have affected the health of the grapes. For the 2010 vintage, the rank of excellent was given for the second year in a row by the Ribera del Duero Wine Council. The impact of the May frosts resulted in almost 20% less production compared with the average amount produced over the first ten years of the 21st century.
vinificación: Traditional with de-stemming followed by fermentation with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel vats.
陈酿: Aged 24 months in French 225-litre oak barrels followed by a period of ageing in bottle before being released on the market.