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Millenium Gran Reserva 2015

The Millenium red wine is made only with excellent vintages and it comes from Viña Alta, the oldest estate planted by Alejandro Fernández in Pesquera de Duero in the late 1960s. This wine is the only wine that Familia Fernández Rivera ages in French oak barrels.

Bodega: Tinto Pesquera
Marca: Tinto Pesquera Gran Reserva Millenium
grado: 14,5%
variedad: 100% Tempranillo
vista: Picota cherry red colour with an intense and shiny layer.
nariz: Fruity aromas and well-integrated wood notes. Perfectly balanced with notes of black fruits such as blackcurrant and blackberry, to which aromas of liquorice and spicy notes are added, intermingling with coffee notes.
boca: A broad, full-bodied wine, which fills the palate with its range of flavours and aromas. It has a fine and elegant mouthfeel, is well structured and has tannins that will make this wine continue to develop in the bottle.
temperatura de servicio: From 12 ºC to 14 ºC.
consumo: With good ageing potential, it can be enjoyed until approximately 2025. Due to its natural production process, which does not involve any manipulation or filtration, it is advisable to decant at least 45 minutes before serving.
Combina con: Ideal for accompanying all kinds of meat such as red meat, white meat and roasts. The perfect accompaniment to game dishes, as well as soups and stews.
Viñedo y Elaboración
Viña Alta.
descripción: The grapes for Millenium come from Viña Alta, an exceptional estate due to the low yield and superb quality of its grapes, which is at an altitude of more than 800 metres.
edad: Media de 25 años
suelo: Poor clay soil with many pebbles.
clima: Continental Atlantic, dry and windy, with very harsh, long and cold winters and short, dry and hot summers. An area with an average annual rainfall of 400 mm, with two clearly differentiated areas: one on sloping ground with more sunshine, which results in earlier ripening, and another on flat ground, with less sunshine and slower ripening.
vendimia: Manual.
envejecimiento: Aged 30 months in French oak barrels.
embotellado: The wine is refined in bottles for about 10 months before its release onto the market.