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El Vínculo Reserva 2018

The best way to discover the quality of Tempranillo wine from La Mancha. It gives off aromas of ripe fruit, as well as toasted, roasted and spicy notes. With a fresh mouthfeel and high acidity, the forcefulness and power of this red wine are balanced thanks to polished and powerful tannins.

Bodega: El Vínculo
Marca: El Vínculo Reserva
grado: 14%
variedad: 100% Tempranillo
vista: Intense picota cherry red colour with a garnet rim. Wine with many layers and dense glycerol tears.
nariz: It is a very elegant and aromatic wine, with a predominance of notes from its ageing in wood, surrounded by mineral flavours and hints of ripe fruits.
boca: It is smooth and silky, with flavours of red fruits and plums, intertwined with the smoky notes of wood. A wine that is broad in the mouth, unctuous with an elegant, long and memorable finish.
temperatura de servicio: 14 º C.
consumo: Optimal time for this wine. Its natural production process lets it age and develop in the bottle. It is advisable to decant the wine 30 minutes before consumption to enhance oxygenation. It may contain sediments as it has not undergone any filtration process in order to get a natural wine and so as not to affect the quality of the wine. It is advisable to place the wine in an upright position for 24 hours in order to let the sediments settle at the bottom of the bottle.
Combina con: Charcoal-grilled red meat, casseroles, feathered and furred small game dishes such as quail and hare.
Viñedo y Elaboración
descripción: A careful selection of the best vineyards in the area, leased in agreements with small winegrowers. Vines located at an altitude between 650 and 750 metres on semi-flat terrain running downward from north to south, with an excellent south-facing position.
superficie: 80 hectares.
edad: Average of 25 years.
suelo: A composition of sandy and clayey soil.
clima: The winter of 2008 was strangely warmer and drier than usual. The lack of rain for almost six months meant that the drought lasted until early spring. It began to rain in April and May. Rainfall, coupled with high temperature spikes, led to the humidity in the environment. The first months of summer were dry, with intermittent rains, but in mid-August, temperatures dropped, delaying the ripening of the grapes and the traditional harvest season.
envejecimiento: Aged 18 months in American oak barrels and 6 months in the bottle.