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Dehesa 14 2005

In what is known as the wine country of Zamora, Familia Fernández Rivera planted tempranillo vines from Condado de Haza, restoring an ancient winery that it has now modernised and that includes an underground cave, which is over three hundred years old and is where its wines age in a perfect environment.

Bodega: Dehesa La Granja
Marca: Dehesa 14
grado: 14.5%
variedad: 100% Tempranillo
vista: Ruby colour, with brick-red tones.
nariz: The nose contains tertiary aromas such as tobacco leaves, cofee and caramel notes. Also fig and leather.
boca: A dense palate, it being a wide wine that evolves, presenting a range of tertiary aromas that are characteristic of its long bottle ageing process.
temperatura de servicio: 14 º – 16 ºC.
consumo: Can be drunk now, with fine evolution in bottle. Decant approximately forty-five minutes before serving to remove sediments from its long ageing process.
Combina con: Roast lamb and suckling pig, red-meat stews and small game such as pheasant in a plum sauce.
Viñedo y Elaboración
descripción: Vineyards located in the southwest of the province of Zamora, on the Dehesa la Granja estate, with a total of 800 hectares of farming land devoted to livestock and various crops, of which 101 hectares are vineyards.
edad: Average of 25 years.
suelo: Formed of sediments of sandstone, clays and a mixture of limestones, which on the surface produce chalky soils. Silty and large and fine-grain sandy materials alternate. Vineyard altitude – 700-750m
clima: Extreme continental climate With annual rainfall of between 300-400mm. Extremely cold winters. It receives a high number of hours of sunlight that give the grape its exceptional quality, which is essential for the production of these great wines.
envejecimiento: Aged for 24 months in American oak barrels.