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Alenza is a very special wine, as it owes its name to the combination of the names of the Fernández Rivera couple: Alejandro and Esperanza. It is made the traditional way, fermenting the must with the stem, without prior de-stemming. With its grapes coming from Viña Valera, it is an extraordinary Gran Reserva. It is only made with excellent vintages.

Bodega: Condado de Haza
Marca: Alenza
grado: 14,5%
variedad: 100% Tempranillo
vista: With an attractive intense garnet red colour and a cherry red rim.
nariz: It releases a wide range of aromas of ripe red fruit, such as redcurrants and forest fruit jam, well intertwined with balsamic hints, menthol and coffee liqueurs.
boca: It is intense and powerful on the palate, as well as broad and silky. Elegant, sweet and balanced with a long aftertaste in which subtle coffee, balsamic and menthol hints reappear.
temperatura de servicio: 14ºC.
consumo: Optimal. It is advisable to decant it about 45 minutes before tasting it. During consumption, there may be sediments that do not affect the quality of the wine, as a result of its natural and traditional production process.
Combina con: Ideal for accompanying feathered and furred game dishes, red meat, stews made of poultry and particularly roast suckling lamb.
Viñedo y Elaboración
Viña Valera
descripción: Vineyards on the Viña Valera plot, with exceptional soil conditions and orientation, located at an altitude of 800 metres.
edad: Average of 25 years.
suelo: Sandy loam.
clima: Continental Atlantic, dry and windy, with very harsh, long and cold winters and short, dry and hot summers. An area with an annual rainfall of 400 mm, with two clearly differentiated areas: one on sloping ground with more sunshine, which results in earlier ripening, and another on flat ground, with less sunshine and slower ripening.
envejecimiento: Aged 36 months in American oak barrels and 36 months in the bottle.