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Let yourself be captivated by tradition, the surroundings and a love of the land and discover why the best wines in the country are made on the banks of the Douro River, in Zamora and in Campo de Criptana. Through the wineries of Familia Fernández Rivera, immerse yourself in Spain’s winemaking history.

Tinto Pesquera

Bodegas Tinto Pesquera invites you to discover the small 16th-century stone winery where its first wines were made. Enjoy a guided tour and a tasting of the wines of Familia Fernández Rivera.

Condado de Haza

The most French-inspired winery of Familia Fernández Rivera is located in the town of Roa in Burgos. It is a beautiful château amidst a bevy of Tempranillo vineyards. Aside from guided tours and wine tastings, we offer visitors the chance to delve into Castilian cuisine and discover the culture of wine pairing at the winery’s restaurant.


When it’s time for the grape harvest between the months of September and October, the vineyards of Ribera del Duero, Zamora and Campo de Criptana are at the height of their splendour. For one day, the participants of the Familia Fernández Rivera harvest will pick the grapes directly from the vine and enjoy an unforgettable food and wine experience at the Condado de Haza winery. These experiences are intended for a limited number of people.

Dehesa de La Granja

Located in Vadillo de la Guareña in the province of Zamora, the Dehesa de la Granja winery has so much more to offer than just wine. Visiting it means travelling back in time. Through a guided tour, discover the winery’s underground cellars, a 3,000-square-metre labyrinth where extraordinary wines are made. The tour also includes a tasting of Dehesa de la Granja’s wines.

El Vínculo

El Vínculo, the winery where Familia Fernández Rivera makes great wines from La Mancha, was born in the land of Don Quijote. Discover how vineyards of Tempranillo and Airén grow on these arid lands. Airén is an exceptional grape variety with which we make Spain’s best white wine.