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Alejairén Crianza 2020

Once production of red wines from Castile-La Mancha had been consolidated, the winery began to produce its white wine—the best Spanish white wine according to the Oenological Association of Salamanca. 

Familia Fernández Rivera used a special and nearly forgotten local variety: Airén. Its first vintage dates back to 2007.

WINERY: El Vínculo
BRAND: Alejairén Crianza
VARIETY: 100% Airén
LOOK: Gold colour, clear and shiny.
SMELL: Intense, balsamic and very aromatic. It has aromas of ripe fruit overlaid with spicy notes that show the complexity and majesty of this wine.
TASTE: Dense, unctuous and long. The perfect balance between fruit and wood, which makes this wine an atypical and different white wine. Freshness in the mouth with a long aftertaste with fruity aromas.
CONSUMPTION: Optimal time for consumption. Its method of production lets it age and develop in the bottle.
PAIRINGS: Perfect for accompanying appetisers, such as Iberian ham and foie gras, going well with rice dishes, pasta and fish as the main course, and even with dessert.
Viñedo y Elaboración
Pago de la Golosa.
DESCRIPTION: Located at an altitude of between 750 and 650 metres on semi-flat terrain running downward from north to south, facing south. Grapes from Paraje la Golosa, recognised as one of the best vineyards in the area for the quality of its grapes.
SURFACE AREA: 6 hectares in total.
AGE: Average of 25 years.
SOIL: A mix of sand and clay throughout the land.
climaTE: A year that was warmer than usual. The first frosts did not arrive until November and December, resulting in warmer winter temperatures. The beginning of spring came with cooler temperatures than normal. Nevertheless, bud break took place as normal. The average temperature since June was high.
AGEING: Aged 24 months in French oak barrels and 6 months in the bottle.