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Alejairén Crianza 2018

The El Vínculo winery was the realisation of a long-cherished dream to produce a great wine in La Mancha. After researching the area’s vineyards, we found excellent Tempranillo vines that had become perfectly adapted to the local climate and conditions. Once the red wine production had been consolidated, our focus turned to white wine and in particular to a very special, near-forgotten white grape variety by the name of Airén, which is indigenous to La Mancha. The first vintage was the 2007, made using selected grapes from the Paraje la Golosa estate.

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BRAND: Alejairén Crianza
VARIETY: 100% Airén
LOOK: Intense straw-yellow with a greenish rim. Clean and brilliant.
SMELL: Subtle aromas of white flowers, citrus fruit and hints of stone fruit. Balsamic and roasted coffee bean notes.
TASTE: A fresh, smooth entry on the palate with touches of lemon zest and stone fruit together with roasted coffee bean notes brought by its stay in barrel. A long finish with a touch of bitterness that produces an irresistible urge to take another sip.
CONSUMPTION: This wine has been carefully vinified to enable ageing in bottle, which enhances its development.
PAIRINGS: Great with starters, such as Iberico ham and foie gras. Also with rice, pasta and fish dishes.
Viñedo y Elaboración
DESCRIPTION: The vines are located at altitudes of 650m to 750m on semi-plain terrain and are planted north-south with a southern exposure. The grapes are selected from Paraje la Golosa, considered one of the finest wine estates and where high quality grapes are produced.
SURFACE AREA: 3 hectares (7.4 acres) .
AGE: 90 years. The vineyards are planted with traditional bush vines and are dry-farmed. This, combined with the special characteristics of the area, results in very low yields but wines of excellent quality.
SOIL: A mix of sand and clay in all parts of the vineyard.
vinificación: De-stemming and pressing to allow spontaneous fermentation to take place in barrels and stainless steel tanks.
Clima y vendimia: Harvested by hand. The year got off to a cold start, and spring followed suit but with very heavy rainfall, too. Warm weather was slow to arrive and didn’t actually turn up until August. With the accumulation of water in the soils, a large crop was produced, while the absence of heat caused a delay in the vine cycle. However, warm weather in September helped the grapes to complete their ripening and reach optimal levels of quality. This delay in the vine cycle meant that the harvest was carried out at abnormally late dates for the region.
AGEING: The wine was aged 18 months in 225-litre French oak barrels, followed by 6 months in bottle before release onto the market.