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MXI 2016

The granddaughters of Familia Fernández Rivera present MXI 2016—a tribute to Ribera del Duero. MXI 2016 owes its name to the fact that the Tempranillo grapes with which it is made come from plots 10 and 11 of the estate. MXI 2016 was created as a new concept by the Tinto Pesquera winery. A wine made with dedication, affection and respect for the land, which welcomes the new generations of Familia Fernández Rivera.

WINERY: Tinto Pesquera
VARIETY: 100% tempranillo
LOOK: Clear and shiny appearance. Intense violet colour.
SMELL: We find freshness, hints of red and black fruits, particularly blackberries and raspberries.
TASTE: Rounded tannins and just the right touch of acidity that enhances the wine, with refreshing varietal characteristics that reappear under the tongue after the first few seconds. It is very pleasing to the palate with each sip. The aftertaste is fruity, with blackberries and black fruits standing out.
CONSUMPTION: Optimal from the moment of purchase. It is advisable to decant the wine 30 minutes before serving as there may be sediments that do not affect the quality of the wine, as they are a result of its natural production process.
PAIRINGS: Ideal for accompanying rice dishes, risottos, pasta, charcoal-grilled meat and some chuletillas al sarmiento (grilled lamb chops).
Viñedos propios ubicados en el término municipal de Roa, a una altitud de más de 811 metros.
DESCRIPTION: Within the municipal boundaries of Pesquera de Duero, facing south at an altitude of more than 800 metres.
SURFACE AREA: 200 hectáreas total.
SOIL: Sandy loam.
climaTE: A year that was warmer than usual. The first frosts did not arrive until November and December, so it can be said that the winter temperatures were warmer. The beginning of spring came with cooler temperatures than normal. Nevertheless, bud break took place as normal. The average temperature since June was quite high, reaching normal ranges in August. The harvest took place in September.
HARVEST: The harvest was healthy and of an exceptional quality.
AGEING: Aged 14 months in American oak barrels and 6 months in the bottle before being released onto the market.